Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coffee, Tea or Me?

I just can't help but purchase cheap but great finds!!! After church, we went to SM City Davao and I bought these two pieces of clothes.

Top: Gui (Thrifted)
Jeggings: Jalate (from JC Penny)
Pumps: Parisian by SM
(Accessories are from a direct retailer/retail shop in town)

I actually wanted to wear a dress to church today, but because the sky wasn't clear and the weather's cold, I opted to wear long sleeves paired with jeggings instead.  My mom said that I looked like a waitress in some fancy restaurant and honestly, I took it as a compliment! Thus, the title of this blog :) I was hesitant on wearing pumps because I would surely catch people's attention being so tall (5"7' plus another 5 inches from the heels), but eventually, I thought... that's okay. I can't do anything about my height and I really love heels so... "ah, what the hell, just wear 'em, Gel," i thought to myself. :) Hence, I was that 6-feet girl at church.

Don't ever be afraid to stand out! ^_^

- thestatuesquecanvas

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