Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday Blues

Sleeveless Top | Noir
Maxi Skirt | Grandma's
Booties | Primadonna

Again, it's fashion Sunday for me. I don't usually wear pumps or heels or wedges on regular days especially when I'm with my friends because I'll be way taller. My height's above average in this country. But, nobody can still stop me from wearing heels on Sundays (and some of the regular days hihi)! I love my Primadonna booties so much, i have to wear them! They're the most comfortable shoes (with heels) that I own. 

As for my skirt, that was grandma's. I found it in one of our closets at home and it was barely used! I will bid bye-bye to it's style pretty soon though. I'll be modifying it and I will be posting it's modified look in lookbook soon!

Got that sleeveless top on sale at SM City Davao Department Store last time. It was 50% off! Got it for P250.00 and it was such a bargain for a top made out of good fabric! It's really fun going around when a there's a sale in the malls. Great finds on the rack become really affordable!

So whuddya think about my look? Lemme know!

Fashion is just like a wheel. What's on trend before will still become a trend again soon.

- thestatuesquecanvas

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