Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Even if it rains...

Photographed by: Hannah Magsayo

Black Asymmetric Top (Sheer back): Never Been Kissed || Black Asymmetric Cardigan: JS || DIY Collar || Pearl Necklace: Mom's || Accessories: Mom's, Tomliz || Croc Skin Bag: Marshall Fields || Bandage Skirt: NCCC || Booties: Primadonna

It was a few weeks ago when Hannah asked me to shoot with her (which was really an honor). Finally, last Saturday, we met and collaborated this shoot. We were pretty much excited about it but unfortunately, the weather didn't actually cooperate well. It was really hot when I was on my way to the location. After a few indoor shoots, we've decided to go outdoors but it rained... HEAVILY. Soooooo, we waited for it to stop, and when it did, we continued the shoot despite the wet and slippery floor.

About the outfit:
This mini dress (which actually turned out to be a top when I wore it due to my height), was given to me by my man. Pretty good pick, right? It's not much clear in the pictures, but the back portion of the dress is sheer, so you can see my skin through it which gives out that sexy feel. I actually thought of pairing this up with a pair of shorts (since I'm more of a shorts person), but I didn't want to look ragged or casual for this, so I wore a bandage skirt instead. Now, that made me feel like a girl woman! The accessories I wore were more of pearls and shiny gems... these hunnies never fail to give me that classy look, and not to mention, my all-time favorite DIY collar (I'm sorry coz I still haven't posted a DIY entry on it!). About the bag, it was purchased at Marshall Fields, a store in the US. I remember this store selling really lovely and classy stuff. This is one of my favorite handbags coz it might look small, but I could actually stuff a lot of things it it. I even have my pair of flats inside! I brought them just in case it would rain coz I don't want my suede booties wet (it did rain, so I wore my flats after this shoot).

So whuddya think of my outfit? I'd be happy to know your comments and insights!

Always be the best that you could in life... even if it rains.

- thestatuesquecanvas

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