Saturday, February 11, 2012

False Friends are Like Leaves

Blouse: Milk & Co. || A-line skirt: Old Navy || Pumps: Parisian || Satchel: Coach

A few things about this look:
I saw the skirt in my mom's closet (again). It was actually an A-line maxi skirt with a slit in front. But I didn't like it's length and how it looked like when I wore it so... I cut it short. It's not as flowy as my other skirts, but it's pretty comfortable though. Besides, it was windy yesterday so the skirt was perfect. The wind couldn't blow it off so I didn't worry about anything at all, if you get what I mean. 

There's another thing about this look:
I wore this outfit for another date out with my boyfriend yesterday. After I mixed up the stuff I wore, I realized that I had leaves everywhere, on my printed skirt and my necklace. Then suddenly, I remembered this poem I read as a kid:

True friends are like diamonds,
precious and rare.
False friends are like falling leaves,
found everywhere.

(I do not remember the author, I'm sorry)

I never forgot this poem, as I also experienced having people who are untrue in my life. That's why I only have a few friends whom I believe are real... and I really treasure them. I am thankful that despite all the hurts and pains that I experienced in life, I still found a few diamonds among the many scattered leaves. :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

P.S. I'm currently thinking about having my first blog giveaway... do you guys fancy a couple of crackling nailpolish? :)

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