Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spread the Love!

Bouquets, Chocolates, Balloons and all sorts of gifts... those are what filled my eyes during my whole commute to Abreeza Mall yesterday to meet my boyfriend and my friends. Well, I also got a balloon and a rose from my boyfriend when we met which made me smile.

We didn't have that usual sweet and romantic date as a couple on Valentine's Day coz first, he's not that type of guy, and second, we decided to go out as a group which actually turned out well. As we waited for our friends to arrive, we watched a famous band here in the Philippines called MYMP. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures coz we were standing at a distance.

When our friends arrived, we decided to eat first coz we were all starving! Unfortunately, all the restaurants were full so we've decided to eat STREET FOOD (yes, I eat street food, but it depends where. of course, we all should be careful in choosing where to eat)!!! I chose to eat my all time favorite ISAW. For those who do not know what that really is, it's chicken intestines. They're on that plate in front of me. But those aren't all for me to eat! They also have their share. The other viands were gizzard (I think) and pork barbeque. Yum Yum!!!

So after that, we've decided transfer to another place in the city called JACK'S RIDGE RESORT. It's a place located at Shrine Hills, Matina and is one of the famous tourist spots here in Davao City. It's a perfect place to go whether you are alone, with your partner, with your friends and/or family. They have a pool, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and bars. They also have a wide green field if you ought not to eat at their shops. Function Halls are also available for reservations or you could also have overnight stays if you want.
Anyhoo, here are some of the pictures we took when we stayed there:
(By the way, I don't really like using the flash of a cam, but it was too dark and there was no other option. But I hope you'd like viewing these still. Pictures were taken with a small digicam)


I DID mention in my previous posts that my boyfriend's CRAZY, right?
A view of our lovely city, Davao behind us.
Viktor, Erick and Sir Hector, their high school Religion teacher (yes, he's a part of our crazy group)
Another one of Erick's uhhh.... GAY POSES?
Chubby. haha.
With Viktor

(Left) Erick fixing the lace of his shoes (gave him that pair for his birthday two years ago... time flies fast!)

Blazer: Mom's | Crocheted Top: JS | Blue Shorts: Victo | Satchel: Coach

This is what I wore on Valentine's Day. I actually wanted to wear that asymmetrical dress that I posted last time, but since I had to commute (since my dad sold my car and the new one didn't arrive yet), I chose to wear something pretty comfy and not over the top. Couldn't wear heels too coz I don't wanna wear them in a jeepney. Oh, well, even if I didn't really "dress up" for the occasion, I still felt that this was okay. It rained too so I'm happy I didn't wear a dress around.

(But I actually had a change of mind the last minute... I was supposed to change my shorts into a pink pair which I bought weeks ago just so I'd have a touch of a Valentine color in my look, but I was already running late and was too lazy to change too)

How about you? How'd your Valentine's Day go? :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

P.S. If you want to know more about Jack's Ridge, visit their site HERE

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