Sunday, February 19, 2012

Summer? Not yet. Fun? ALWAYS!

Just yesterday, we went to a resort called Playa Azalea for Janine's Birthday (Erick's classmate and our friend). It's a high class premier beach and residential resort located at the Island Garden City of Samal. The whole place isn't done yet, but despite that, it was really great! The reception area and the cottages were neat and classy, the infinity pool was awesome, but we chose to swim at the beach which was actually pretty fun! 

So here are the photos (by the way, this might be my blog entry that has the most photos so far). I guess these photos would really show how much fun we had and how nice the place is.

So we arrived, and the first thing we did was TAKING PICTURES. (yes, we are narcissistic)

We went there by SPEED BOAT. It was somewhat a 5 minute ride from the dock to the resort.

That coconut tree we're sitting on was a favorite spot for taking photos.
with Erick and Juvy
With the GIRLS... I think.
JUMP SHOT... never forgotten.


Bestfriend and Boyfriend... COZ THEY'RE MODELS (self-proclaimed haha)
This was supposed to be a cake... IT WAS REALLY HOT!
Ah yes... FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! The grilled pork was really good, i must say.
Birthday girl, Janine


With Kwesh and Rae
Love this shot that I took of bestfriend Pi Jung

Time to get soaking wet!
There's a vid of us jumping off the highest spot of this area... unfortunately, I don't have it :(

I had the chance to use goggles. The view underwater was lovely! Although there wasn't much color, the view of the corals and the fishes still made my eyes full.

My awkward dive. o_O

Time to go :(
but before that, I took some pictures of the great views around the area.
The place was prettier as the sun set.

Here's that infinity pool I was talking about. Erick and I had to have a photo with it at the background.

The beach...

The sun's about to set.

See that dock/cottage? We jumped off from there while shouting our greetings for the birthday girl. T'was really fun!

I wasn't really planning on showing off what I wore, but oh well, it wouldn't hurt if I share, right? :)

White bikini top and printed shorts: Body Music || White polo: Divisoria || Pink striped sheer top/cover-up: Redhead || Denim faded shorts: No Boundaries || Sunnies1: Guess|| Sunnies2: RayBan (actually Rae's) || Bag: Aeropostale || Slippers: Havaianas Top || Brown Suede Fedora Hat: SM

I guess it's pretty obvious that I really had fun. The place was lovely, the food was great and the company was awesome! PERFECT! :)
You'd really wish that moments like these would never end, right? :)

Aight, so that's it! Hope you had fun viewing and reading, people!
Till the next blog entry!

- thestatuesquecanvas

P.S. Should you decide to use the photos of the views of the place (the ones with watermarks), please do inquire me and mention this source of the photos. Thank you. (Copyright)

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