Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trendwatch: Dip-Dye and Ombre Hair

I have been surfing the net, looking at fashion pictures and reading articles on fashion for a while and there's this one thing that I noticed in the trend... Dip-dye and Ombred hair! (well, this has been actually sticking around for a while already, but it's still in the trend)

Rachel Bilson. I have dark hair too. I'm thinking of having my hair styled like hers.
Drew Barrymore
Ever hot Cameron Diaz.
I was thinking of having my hair permed after dip-dying it, but this inspired me to keep my hair straight!
and this too!

Bloggers Cheyser Pedregosa (left) and Mia Durano (right)

Go funky with these unique ombre hair styles!

I love how her hair is permed and dyed. But this is not how I want my hair done.

I envy how blondes look with their ombred hair. The colors really stand out!

Blue to blonde. 
I find this pretty cool.
Katy Perry. I love how cute the colors are put together!
Nikki Minaj. THIS IS TOO MUCH. big NO.

Actually, I have ombred hair too. But the color only stands out under direct sunlight.

So, I want to have my hair ombred with a lighter shade but I'm still undecided on what color to choose!


- thestatuesquecanvas

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