Thursday, March 8, 2012

Culprits of Extra Pounds

Tuna Cheeze Melt and Mochacapuccino at Coffee for Peace
Three Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza at Barrio Bistro
Mango Cake, Choco Croissant, and Cheese Floss from Breadtalk, with Mango Shake from Thirsty

Mango and Mocha Milkshake, Carbonara and De Boerderij Burger 

Two 1 pound burgers and Five Ribs at Riley Simon's 

This is what I miss... two 1 pound burgers and pasta from Perri Todd's at Iloilo. I just wanted to share this last picture. This was already a few months ago with my bestfriend at med school.
Sorry for being away for a while.. pretty long hiatus, don't you think? plus, this post isn't about fashion at all. :(
But I promise, pretty soon i'll be posting another entry on that.
As of now, here's what I've been doing lately...

So obviously, I BADLY need to go on a diet and do exercise coz lately, my friends and I have been going on food trips, even unplanned ones! Ugh! It feels so good to eat so much of those scrumptious food!!! but they make me feel guilty at the same time. I never want to go fat, so I'll probably lessen my intake starting today.

We are big pigs, aren't we?! haha. This is what I get for having guy friends who go hungry very often!
The food made me feel guilty, but the good times were worth it :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

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