Thursday, March 15, 2012

Live to Rock

I really love the wrinkled edges/detail of these jeans.
It's obviously summer already. I guess you could feel the heat through these photos
I have a few chalecos, but this white sheer chaleco's my favorite
This pendant is from a chain of my bestfriend's first ever bike. He made this for me and gave it as a farewell gift when I left med school.

Philippine kakanin!!! yum!

While watching the boiz play ball
Awesome basketball shoes are awesome!
I love how daring/shocking the colors of some basketball shoes are.
Gerry's Grill @ Gaisano Mall of Davao
Gerry's Fried Chicken and Bangus... oh yeah!
My all-time favorite, SISIG!!!

Loose DIY Top || Sheer Chaleco: Soiree || Jeans: Diego/Maldita || Pumps: Parisian || Bangles and Rings: DCLA || Necklace: DIY (gift from a friend)

It's really hot nowadays. In relation to that, I made a loose top just so I'd feel comfortable and wouldn't be bathing in my own sweat in the heat of summer (oh yes, hello, Summer!). As you can see, the sides of the top is a lil bit revealing, so I covered it up with a white sheer chaleco to still make the look chic. I want to balance the outfit and not make it too showy, so I wore those gray jeans with wrinkled details instead of my usual shorts. Oh, you might wonder why I chose to put that print on my top (which, by the way, was my brother's white shirt that he did not use anymore)... well, it's pretty simple. I just want my life to be fun and exciting. I wanna rock my life! I'm just a simple soul who wants to enjoy my every breath and every single day blessed by God... just like today!

It's another day with friends and again, here's another UNPLANNED day. Don't you think unplanned days are better than planned ones? I think they're more exciting! Yesterday was only supposed to be a watch-mah-boiz-play-ball again day. But, boys will be boys and when boys go hungry, THEY REALLY MEAN IT LIKE MONSTERS. Before they played, we had some kakanin (palitaw, cassava, biko) from Haltan (they make the best kakanins in town!). After the game, we went to Gerry's Grill. One of them had a gift check worth Php500 so we only had to add just a few more bucks if we wanted to order more, which we did. Yeah!!!

Buuuuut, there goes my diet again... Oh well, that's okay. It was so much fun! Every moment was worth it. Plus, I'm feeling summer all the more because of days like these. I hope you'll also be having a great summer, loves! I believe I'll still be having more days like these, so I hope you'll watch out for my next entries!

Enjoy every single day like it's summer! 
- thestatuesquecanvas

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