Monday, April 30, 2012

Hair Dare!

Coffeeshop #1: Kangaroo

Coffeeshop #2: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Kangaroo's Matcha Latte

CBTL's Matcha Latee, Mango blend and Cheese Cupcake (FAVE!)

We dyed our hair just recently, SEE?! haha. My boyfriend and I already thought of having our hair dyed with brighter shades and done with unique styles a few months ago. So last week, we went to the salon just so we could already do that. I had my hair dyed underneath and a part of my bangs colored, while Erick added highlights after dying his hair with a light brown color. T'was a unique bonding for both of us. We were actually so excited and nervous at the same time when we were sitting in the salon, waiting to see the finished products. When we already did, we found ourselves really satisfied (and we were laughing too, by the way)! So in the next two days, we went out and together, we flaunted our new looks. lol. 

I love sitting around and just having conversations, so we went to two of my favorite coffeeshops in town after walking around for sometime. The milk teas were yuuuuummmmy!!! I want more! haha.

You might find me weird while reading this post (I'm finding myself weirdly happy at the moment so, uh, yeah. You get it. haha). Well, I guess I'm just simply happy with our hair and the fun time we had together :)

So whuddya think of my (or our) new look/s? I think we really had great guts to go with unusual hair styling options (especially my man coz we were thinking that he might look gay haha). So, does my hair look good on me? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me your thoughts! (wishing for a positive answer lol)

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