Friday, April 13, 2012

OH Boho!

Crochet Top: JS || Inner: Diego || Belt: Soul Lifestyle || Maxi Skirt: G-Mall || Peep-toe Sandals: Mendrez

I love boho looks! I find em really comfortable so I always try to pull that look off (do you think I did? lol). I find the details of this top so interesting and I really love how it was made so I really got it (especially with it's really unexpected cheap price!). I originally thought of getting an orange one, but I ended up choosing a yellow piece coz my mom suggested it (she said it looked better). She's really a simple woman. She doesn't go for bold colors and she usually picks the neutral ones like black, white, brown and yellow. So yes, I got this (and besides, she was paying for it so I guess it was good to go for her suggestion lol). Well, it's not really bad, right? Plus, I recently got a belt from Soul which was yellow too, so... I guess it was perfect and went well with it, don't you think? And don't you think I ask too much?! haha. Sorry for that. :)

Maxi skirts are really great for boho looks. I wanted to get an aztec printed palazzo pants, but I thought that it would be really good to buy something that I could easily pair up with anything, practically speaking (and it's summer so it's the season for maxis). So I got this black sheer maxi skirt instead. I love this skirt but there's one itsy bitsy thing I don't like about it... the length. I'm a pretty tall girl for my race, hence the skirt is just up to my ankle. Oh well, I still think it's okay though. :)

To be honest, I really love fashion for a long time now, but I just got the guts to be as fashionable as I can just almost a year ago (thanks to other inspiring bloggers). So i hope you guys find my styles okay (if not really good haha). Do you think I pulled this recent look off? Feel free to fill the comment box, aight?

Hope you're having a wonderful and fabulous day, lovelies!

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- thestatuesquecanvas

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