Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spread the Love!

Bouquets, Chocolates, Balloons and all sorts of gifts... those are what filled my eyes during my whole commute to Abreeza Mall yesterday to meet my boyfriend and my friends. Well, I also got a balloon and a rose from my boyfriend when we met which made me smile.

We didn't have that usual sweet and romantic date as a couple on Valentine's Day coz first, he's not that type of guy, and second, we decided to go out as a group which actually turned out well. As we waited for our friends to arrive, we watched a famous band here in the Philippines called MYMP. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures coz we were standing at a distance.

When our friends arrived, we decided to eat first coz we were all starving! Unfortunately, all the restaurants were full so we've decided to eat STREET FOOD (yes, I eat street food, but it depends where. of course, we all should be careful in choosing where to eat)!!! I chose to eat my all time favorite ISAW. For those who do not know what that really is, it's chicken intestines. They're on that plate in front of me. But those aren't all for me to eat! They also have their share. The other viands were gizzard (I think) and pork barbeque. Yum Yum!!!

So after that, we've decided transfer to another place in the city called JACK'S RIDGE RESORT. It's a place located at Shrine Hills, Matina and is one of the famous tourist spots here in Davao City. It's a perfect place to go whether you are alone, with your partner, with your friends and/or family. They have a pool, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and bars. They also have a wide green field if you ought not to eat at their shops. Function Halls are also available for reservations or you could also have overnight stays if you want.
Anyhoo, here are some of the pictures we took when we stayed there:
(By the way, I don't really like using the flash of a cam, but it was too dark and there was no other option. But I hope you'd like viewing these still. Pictures were taken with a small digicam)


I DID mention in my previous posts that my boyfriend's CRAZY, right?
A view of our lovely city, Davao behind us.
Viktor, Erick and Sir Hector, their high school Religion teacher (yes, he's a part of our crazy group)
Another one of Erick's uhhh.... GAY POSES?
Chubby. haha.
With Viktor

(Left) Erick fixing the lace of his shoes (gave him that pair for his birthday two years ago... time flies fast!)

Blazer: Mom's | Crocheted Top: JS | Blue Shorts: Victo | Satchel: Coach

This is what I wore on Valentine's Day. I actually wanted to wear that asymmetrical dress that I posted last time, but since I had to commute (since my dad sold my car and the new one didn't arrive yet), I chose to wear something pretty comfy and not over the top. Couldn't wear heels too coz I don't wanna wear them in a jeepney. Oh, well, even if I didn't really "dress up" for the occasion, I still felt that this was okay. It rained too so I'm happy I didn't wear a dress around.

(But I actually had a change of mind the last minute... I was supposed to change my shorts into a pink pair which I bought weeks ago just so I'd have a touch of a Valentine color in my look, but I was already running late and was too lazy to change too)

How about you? How'd your Valentine's Day go? :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

P.S. If you want to know more about Jack's Ridge, visit their site HERE

Pretty Lucky

Last month, Kristine Villano of together with her sponsor, Jessica's Closet, held a giveaway that I joined. I actually thought of not joining, thinking that these items wouldn't fit me, but I joined anyway. and guess what?! I WON! Pretty Lucky, eh? :)

Visit her blog HERE

Visit the shop HERE

These are the gorgeous stuff that I got:

Sheer Palazzo Pants


Letter from the blogger. My name lacked the second 'N'. ^_^

I'll be having outfit posts on these items soon!
Thank you, Kweshie and Jessica's Closet for these! Looking forward to the next giveaway :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

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3D Abstract Wallpapers

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Double Whammy II: Melissa and Joe Gorga

SELLERS: Melissa and Joe Gorga
LOCATION: Toms River, NJ
PRICE: $520,000
SIZE: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: As it turns out, The Real Housewives of New Jersey's resident horn dogs Melissa and Joe Gorga not only have their mansion in Montville Township on the market for $3,800,000, they're also trying to unload their newly renovated New Jersey shore house in Toms River, on the market since mid-February 2012 with an asking price of $520,000.

Property records show the architecturally vague abode, shown under construction on a recent episode of their fascinating, inter-family-fight-fest reality program, was acquired in May 2005 for $450,000. Current listing information doesn't indicate square footage but does show the two-story, single family, canal-fronting house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

A gravel drive next to a patch of grass leads to a Home Despot-style front door that opens directly into the living room with a two-tone paint treatment on the wall(s). Under foot a mottled-beige and grey ceramic tile floor loops around a ground-floor bedroom into the family-sized dining room designed with French doors that open to the backyard and an uncomfortably off-center, stone-faced fireplace. Surely there was a more elegant solution for this fireplace than this crazy-aligned thing, right? Anyhoo, the adjoining kitchen isn't particularly big and is equipped with inexpensive-looking, honey-colored Shaker-style cabinets (that may or may not actually have been inexpensive) and medium-grade stainless steel appliances that include a super-cute 4-burner baby Viking range.

All three of the bedrooms look cramped in listing photos, but it's a seasonally-used weekend house so that's kind of okay in the summer house scheme of things. The rear, waterside facade opens to a paver-tiled, bi-level backyard with swoopy-shaped built-in barbecue that runs almost right up to the edge of the plunge-sized, free-form saltwater swimming pool. At the far corner of the yard near where the Gorga's park their jet ski, there's a free-standing stone fireplace that could be romantic at sunset if it weren't in full view of the the next door neighbors.

Listen, kittens, we know owning and maintaining a second home is costly and sometime they get the decorative short shrift. But dear God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the day-core—if you can call it that—at the Gorga's shore house in Toms River gives Your Mama and The Doctor Cooter both a soul-crushing case of the screaming mimis. It's all just so half-assed and depressing. We thought these people were rich. They certainly make a point to play rich on the boob-toob.

The "painting" of the wine bottles hung way off to the side of the brown velveteen sofa in the living room? The tee-vee on the floor in the den or bedroom or whatever room that is? The shiny brocade bed clothes on that fake-antique bed shoved up into the corner of the master bedroom like it's a naughty child? Hunnies. Melissa. Joe-babe. No. Come on now. That's a foul ball even for a half-million dollar shore house.

Iffin you had asked for Your Mama's advice—and we know you didn't so it doesn't really matter what we think—we'd have said y'all ought to have ixnayed that silly recording studio in the basement of your manse in Montville and hired yerselves a nice-gay or lady decorator to help you pull your decorative shit together in both of y'alls houses. Seriously. Missy-hoo-hoo might know how to match just the right pair of bedazzled, 6-inch stilettos with the perfect, skin-tight and arguably-too-short sequin "cocktail dress" but, bless her heart, clearly behawtcha don't know a damn thing about how to furnish and decorate a home with anything that isn't brown-colored, gold-toned and/or meant to impart an image of (newly acquired) money.

Ouch! Did we say that out loud?

Of course, don't Your Mama know the truth from a horse's butt but the gossip on the sitch is the Gorga's would like to relocate to Tinseltown so Missus Mother of Three Gorga can pursue her passion to be an auto-tuned pop star. We're not sure what muscle-bound Mister Gorga would do in LaLa Land, especially since there are already so many contractors in SoCal who build grossly over-sized and architecturally specious spec-mcmansions. But, she's got a giggly sort of chutzpah and he's got an oddly-charming sort of guido charm. They both have porn-style bodies and a great set of teeth and, you know butter beans, the power of a pert booty and a snow white set of teeth can never be underestimated in Hollywood.
listing photos (Toms River): Cassese Realtors

Double Whammy I: Melissa and Joe Gorga

SELLERS: Melissa and Joe Gorga
LOCATION: Montville Township, NJ
PRICE: $3,800,000
SIZE: 13,500 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms,

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The deliciously tawdry and wildly successful Real Housewives of Wherever franchise keeps churning out the (melo)dramatics and nowhere more so than in Noo Joizee where the show's volatile group of mommies are frequently at each others' throats over rumors, minor insults and a whole host of real and perceived slights. They typically argue about important matters like who copies whose style and/or who bought (or didn't buy) gifts for the kids. At the center of the current season's inter-family hysterics is wannabe pop star Melissa Gorga and her ever-horny, fireplug of a husband Giuseppe "Joe" Gorga, baby brother of famously hot-tempered housewife Teresa Giudice.

The young and glitzed-up Gorgas, amid unsubstantiated rumors they want to go Hollywood, have recently (re-)listed their Montville Township, NJ mansion with an asking price of $3,800,000. This is not the first time the Gorgas have gotten on the bronco at this particular real estate rodeo; In 2010, shortly after construction was completed and just before they signed the necessary contracts to appear on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, they briefly had the aggressively opulent and utterly vexatious mcmansion on the market with a higher (and apparently optimistic) price tag of $4,100,000.

Your Mama ain't a scholar so we can't really identify the architectural style of The Gorga's gargantuan mcmansion in Montville. Listing information calls it "European-influenced." We see it less grandiosely, perhaps, through squinted eyes as the East Coast equivalent of all the over-blown faux-Tuscan and mock-Med mcmansions that line the streets of far too many of the gated, master-planned developments that breed like rats west of the Rockies.

Property records we peeped aren't entirely clear but indicate Mister and Missus Gorga picked up the then-vacant 2.24 acre parcel in February 2007 for $950,000. Later in the year, as per documentation easily accessible online, they took a $2,250,000 construction loan—recently converted to a traditional 30-year mortgage—and proceeded to erect their hulking, L-shaped dwelling. Current listing information shows the monstrous, 16-room manse measures 13,500 square feet with half a dozen bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces, garage space for four cars, and a 2-story foyer designed to impress family members and pizza delivery boys with biscuit-colored inlaid marble floors, heavy, wedding-cake-ish gilded moldings, curving twin staircases with intricate, wrought iron and gilt banister, and an oddly undulating coffered ceiling laced with—you got it—more gilt detailing.

Listing photographs show the inlaid marble floors in the foyer stretch into the cavernous, double-height formal living room that aims to be decadent with its elaborate fireplace and chimney breast, pilaster flanked windows and doorways, and glittery crystal (or glass) chandelier. Counter-intuitively the room has paltry few furnishings besides a squirrel-colored faux-Louis-style sofa, a couple of mis-matched chairs and a black, baby-grand piano...with the lid propped open.

The inlaid marble floors continue into the baby-blue, white and gold formal dining room and switch to some sort of tumbled stone tile in the cook-friendly center island kitchen. The cabinetry—mostly bone-colored with every inch covered in some awful carved chingadero— has brown and beige speckled granite counter tops. There's a soaring Palladian-type window above the sink, the ceiling is heavily coffered, and the trio of white, carved wood stools scooted up to the convenient island snack bar are, well, unspeakable.

The floors turn to high-gloss wood in the wood-paneled game room (with carved wood fireplace) as well as in the long family room where listing photos show a built-in entertainment center with gilt detailing—of course—and a smattering of furniture and day-core that consists of barely more than a espresso bean-brown leather sofa and a couple of matching, man-sized recliners, a bow-legged coffee table, and a big ol' urn from Pier One or World Market or some global marketplace store like that. The floors surprisingly and inexplicably switch to wall-to-wall red carpeting in the circular, double height library/office encircled by built-in (and book-free) bookshelves topped by pastel-colored murals that may (or may not) depict simple vistas of the Italian country- and sea-side.

Somewhere in the house there's a wood-paneled movie theater with rose-colored carpeting and black leather seating for at least 10 people. In the basement Hubby Gorga installed a costly recording studio so Wifey Gorga could record her thickly auto-tuned club tracks without ever having to leave the house, a feature that will certainly appeal to a few potential buyers.

Upstairs the all-biscuit and beige master suite has a vaulted ceiling, arched windows, a giant walk-in closet and an attached bathroom with free-standing soaking tub, a pair of carved wood sink pedestals, a small crystal (or glass) chandelier, an over-scaled carved wood fireplace and—natch—lots of gilded accents and details. The children's bedrooms included with online listings—but not shown here—are down-the-line gender specific. A young girl's bedroom room is all blush pink and princess-y while a young boy's is baby blue with a sports theme. How imaginative.

We're not sure if Mister and Missus Gorga (e la famiglia) have already cleared the house of much of their day-core and other personal belongings or if they just don't own much in the way of furniture or care about the day-core. We hope it's the former because the latter is just a sad and sorry state of affairs. People who buy or build massive mansions and then don't have the good sense (or money) to furnish them properly really chaps Your Mama's delicate decorative hide. We ain't saying this is the case for the Gorgas. We make zero claims of any knowledge of their financial circumstances. For all we know they're holding more cash and jewels than the damn Pope. However, hunties, let's get real for a moment. Rule Number 3 in Your Mama's Big Book of Decorating Dos and Don'ts reads in part, "There's little that more loudly screams, 'We don't have as much money as we like people to think we do' than a barely furnished mcmansion." We're not sayin', we're just sayin'. Okay?

Anyhoo, much of the Gorga's 2.24 acres sits at the front of the house where a narrow paver-tiled driveway makes its way through un-gated pillars before it snakes across a gently rolling lawn to a too-small circular motor court at the front of the house that connects via an arched passage between the two, rear-facing two-car garages to a second, much larger parking area and motor court.

An uncharacteristically discreet, tri-arched loggia at the back of the house joins the interior spaces to the exterior entertainment areas that include (and may not be limited to) a built-in barbecue, an amoebic terrace lined with boulder-strewn planting beds and wide swathes of un-fenced lawn that gives way to a thick stand of woodland. As far as we can tell from listing information and aerial imagery, unlike most of the other surrounding mansions, Chez Gorga does not have a swimming pool or spa. Pity that for $3.8 million.

As was shown on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe and Melissa Gorga also own a waterfront house down by the sea shore in Toms River, NJ. More on that also-on-the-market wart below...

listing photos: RE/MAX Village Square

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Real Estate Baller Billy Joel Lists Miami Beach Mansion

SELLER: Billy Joel
LOCATION: Miami Beach, FL
PRICE: $14,750,000
SIZE: 8,881 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Late last night, while settling in with The Dr. Cooter to watch The Big C on the DVR, Your Mama received a semi-covert communique from a fetching real estate purveyor down in Miami Beach who kindly let the cat out of the celebrity real estate bag about six-time Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Billy Joel hoisting his mansion on Miami Beach's gated La Gorce Island on the market with an asking price of $14,750,000.

Mister Joel has owned the .67-acre, pie-shaped waterfront property since February 2006 when property records and other online sources we perused show the thrice-married, sometimes-troubled and occasionally cantankerous balladeer purchased the posh pile on La Gorce Island (through a limited liability) company for $13,500,000. Your Mama can't say for certain but it looks to our boozy peepers like The Piano Man paid all cash. Cold hard cash, puppies, because that's the way this real estate baller rolls.

Listing information indicates the Mediterranean Revival mansion—in the style, perhaps, of much lauded and deservedly applauded resort architect Addison Mizner—was only built in 2004, measures 8,881 square feet and contains a total of 7 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms, a count we are pretty sure (but not positive) includes the separate 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom guesthouse.

Palm trees dot the sides of a paver stone driveway that passes through an motorized wrought iron gate and arched porte-cochere to a palm tree-ringed interior motor court with two separate and semi-detached two-car garages. This is exactly the sort of pap-proof motor court a hard partying celeb who occasionally has trouble ambulating after a long night out on the town would appreciate and could benefit from. Anyhoo, a row of archways knitted with wrought iron grillwork define the (false) front facade that gives way not directly to the house but a lush courtyard with fountain and a single, towering palm tree anchored in each of the four corners.

The sheer amount of marble (and/or limestone and/or whatever), the intricately scrolled wrought banisters and the double-height ceiling the in the impress-the-guests-style foyer sets the opulent architectural stage for the ritzy residence that includes elevated and barrel vaulted ceilings, at least one fireplace with a massive carved stone chimney breast—that may or may not be antique—and a brigade of French doors with semi-circular transoms that frame sparkling views of the Biscayne Bay.

The mansion, according to listing details, has formal living and dining rooms and listing photographs show them done up in what Your Mama might describe with a scrunched up face as restrained, non-threatening and surprisingly like the day-core of a well-to-do but not-particularly-soigné grandmother. No doubt every stick of furniture in that house cost more than Your Mama's big ol' BMW but it's all just a great big yawn. We're not sure it was fair to do so but Your Mama expected more from decoratively a deep-pocked fella with a famously healthy appetite for high-end properties in exclusive locales. Or maybe it's just been de-personalized for selling? Who knows?

Anyhoo, listing information and images for Mister Joel's Miami Beach getaway go on to mention and/or show a cook's kitchen, a home office, and a rather capacious waterside family room with groin-vaulted ceiling, built-in wet bar (with wine cellar) and direct access to one of the many loggias on the backside of the mansion through three sets of French doors with half-circle transoms. We are feeling very iffy about the drapery over the French doors in the family room but they are utterly harmless compared the hidjus and nonsensical gold brocade swaggery that festoons the dining room. Can someone explain to Your Mama why so many rich people (and their nice-gay and lady decorators) think an all-but-useless, pleated and swagged curtain is a good use of expensive fabric?

The essentially symmetrical rear facade is punctuated rhymically with two dozen or more arched windows and openings that liberally join the interior spaces on both floors of the mansion to shady loggias with palm tree sprinkled views across Biscayne Bay towards that bank of low- and high-rise apartment complexes that line the opposite shores. Less deep loggias flank a voluminous central space with grandiose, double-height ceiling held aloft by a couple of slender carved stone columns.

Identical paver stones that make up the driveway and motor court extend out from the lower level loggias, surround a swimming pool and spa, and run up to a precisely-clipped, knee-high boxwood hedge at the water's edge. At the far end of the pool there appears to be an open air pool cabana where, we can imagine but not confirm, the outdoor summer kitchen mentioned in the listing is located. The property claims 150-plus feet of waterfront, as per listing information, and already has a well-equipped deep water dock for parking the boat.

La Gorce Island has long been a favored enclave by celebs and big bizness types with the dough and inclination to maintain a mansion in Miami. Cher once owned a big house just down the street from Mister Joel as did Latin pop/crossover star Shakira. Bee Gee Maurice Gibb bought a La Gorce Island mansion only the year before he died in 2003 and tatted up, dope-smoking rapper Lil' Wayne is well known to have leased a colossal, 20,000-plus waterfront contemporary on La Gorce Island once listed for sale at $13,900,000 and that he may or may not have purchased last year.

In addition to the mansion in Miami Beach bought a few years after they were married for $13,500,000 and now up for grabs for $14,750,000, Mister Joel and his much younger third ex-wife Katie Lee bought a slew of high-priced East Coast properties, some of which have been unsuccessfully up for sale and others that have been sold off.

photo: MSLI

In 2002 Mister Joel dropped a considerable and impressive $22,000,000 on an historic, 14,000-or-so square foot mansion (above) in haughty and high-nosed Centre Island, NY on the gilded North Shore of Long Island. He and Katie Lee got hitched on the property in 2004. Sometime in 2006 the Gatsby-esque estate was heaved on to the open market with a whip-cracking asking price of $37,500,000. Alas, and at least as far as Your Mama knows, the swank spread never sold and Mister Joel continues to own the estate that claims more than 1,500 feet of waterfront, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court and a bowling alley, plus a 3 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom guesthouse and a 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom beach house. The taxes, maintenance and staffing costs for this property aren't known to Your Mama but we can only imagine they total an amount so high we'd need a God damn nerve pill and a nap after learning it.

Just before they were married, property records indicate Mister Joel paid an unknown amount of money to acquire a very modest and not particularly privately-situated residence in downtown Sag Harbor, NY just across the road from the marina where he often parks the boat he named after his only daughter Alexa. As far as Your Mama knows—which ain't much—Mister Joel still owns this property.

photo: Prudential Douglas Elliman via Streeteasy

In late 2005, the then-happy and fairly newly-wedded Joels paid $5,900,000 for a townhouse in New York City's gentrified West Village they had worked over from head to toe with a sophisticated sheen by nice-gay decorator turned tee-vee host Nate Berkus (living room shown above). In fall 2009, their marriage done swirled down the terlit of love, then-still-Missus Joel paid Mister Joel $3,000,000 for full ownership of the renovated townhouse that she subsequently sold to a mysterious buyer in March 2011 for $11,650,000. We're not sure to where third ex-Missus Joel decamped in Manhattan but, as noted by the kids at Curbed, in August 2011 she coughed up around $3,500,000 for a new crib in the Hamptons, an approximately 6,700 square foot, cedar-shingled pile with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms in Water Mill.

photos: Corcoran

In two separate transactions in the summer and fall of 2007, generous Mister Joel bought his tee-vee presenter and cook book writing bride a pair of funky but charming side-by-side ocean front love nests on gorgeous Gibson Beach in the supremely pricey Hamptons community of Sagaponack. The combined purchase price for the pair of humble but haute-ly priced beach front abodes rang up to $28,385,000. He paid, according to public records and previous reports, cash for both homes. Like we said at the outset, that's how B.J. rolls when it comes to real estate.

By the summer of 2009 their marriage had swirled down the dirty terlit of love and both houses were back on the market, one at $22,500,000 and the other at $12,500,000. The smaller house, a simple if prodigiously pricey beach shack, really, was sold in February 2010 for $10,000,000 to an unknown buyer. That's a very-serious $1,625,000 less than he paid for the place a few years earlier. The larger of the two homes, which he bought from the estate of late actor Roy Scheider, remained available for more than two years but was taken off the market in early January (2012) as noted by the property gossip gals at Newsday.

listing photos, Miami Beach (top): One Sotheby's International Real Estate

Another Quickie Update: Huguette Clark

Real estate gossip queen Jennifer Gould Keil at the New York Post—who is, we know, more than just a real estate gossip—weighed in this morning with additional details about why Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the redonkulously rich Prime Minister of Qatar, was resoundingly rebuffed and rejected by the co-op board at 907 Fifth Avenue where he'd made a $31,500,000 bid to buy both of late heiress Huguette Clark's 8th floor apartments at 907 Fifth Avenue in New York City. The sheikh also let it be known, so the story goes, that he was also interested in acquiring additional apartments in the building to house security and staff.

Miz Gould Keil's unidentified source snitched to her that the board took umbrage with the number of the sheikh's wives (2), the number of children (15) and the "boatload of staffers" that typically accompany  the Qatari diplomat wherever he goes. "'It's just too complicated,'" explained Miz Gould Keil's source.

Miz Gould Keil also reported the board had additional concerns about where the sheikh's money came from—!!—as well as his diplomatic immunity, which means he can't be held legally accountable for anything that might happen on the premises.

The plot thickens...

A Walk with Maggie

Top and Shorts: Bazaar || Wedges: People Are People || Accessories: Butingtings

Photographed by: Erick Loquez

Meet the newly added member of the family, Maggie! She's half Shih Tzu, half Poodle. Erick and I wanted to take her out for a walk and for fun, we had a little shoot with her. She's really behaved and I guess you could see that I didn't really have a hard time dealing with her. :)

As for my look...
It was too hot, so I opted to wear this sheer yellow-green top, shorts, and my wedges which I actually got on sale! Perfect for a hot summer day! I also wanted to try color blocking out and I'm really happy with the look I came up with. Yay!

Too dressed up for a dog walk? Nah, I don't think so. haha.

The Statuesque Canvas

Monday, May 7, 2012

UPDATE: Huguette Clark

Late last week Your Mama repeated a rumor whispered to us by I.B. Uhrealestateuberinsider that Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani—otherwise known as the oil rich Prime Minister of Qatar—had made a powerful bid to buy two of the three New York City apartments long owned by famously reclusive copper heiress Huguette Clark and now controlled by the public administrator of New York County, the executor of her approximately $400,000,000 estate.

Today comes word via Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Bill Dedman—the undisputed expert on Miz Clark's pre- and post-death affairs—that the prime minister's offer of $31,500,000—half a mil' more than the combined asking price for the two adjacent but not-joined 8th floor spreads—was accepted by the executors but rejected by the co-operative building's board.

The sheikh's offer was not just rejected, butter beans, the board declined to even grant him an interview. A "person familiar with the decision" snitched to Mister Dedmen the board was, quite legitimately perhaps, concerned the prime minister's extensive security needs would compromise the otherwise "quiet character of the elegant building."

In addition to the bizness about the Qatari's resounding rejection Mister Dedman revealed two additional and fascinating tidbits of additional information regarding Miz Clark's trio of Fifth Avenue apartments.

First he revealed that the lavish living sheikh—the prime minister owns a yacht (the Al Miqab) that cost hundreds of millions to build and maintains a seriously-posh penthouse at One Hyde Park in London—was not the highest bidder for the two apartments. Other bidders included "the founder of a private-equity firm and the founder of a hedge-fund," according to Mister Dedman who also disclosed the highest offer for the two 8th floor units was actually $33,000,000.

The second nugget Mister Dedman dropped was that the accepted bid for Miz Clark's 12th floor apartment—a park facing unit with a $24,000,000 asking price—was put forth by derivatives trader and hedge hog Boaz Weinstein. Mister Weinstein, New York City bred and not yet 40 years old, has reportedly signed a contract and awaits and interview with the co-op board.

The saga continues...

Hyatt Hotel Heir Tony Pritzker Lightens Load in Bel Air

SELLER: Jeanne and Anthony "Tony" Pritzker
LOCATION: Los, Angeles, CA (Bel Air)
PRICE: $21,990,000
SIZE: 12,289 square feet, 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Late last year, usually low-profile Hyatt hotel heir Anthony "Tony" Pritzker and his wife Jeanne finally completed construction on a conspicuously colossal mega-mansion commandingly perched on a private promontory high above Los Angeles' ritzy Bel Air community. (More on that monster manse later.)

No longer in need of their long-time former family home, Mister and Missus Pritzker recently listed their comparatively puny but still downright huge mansion on the market with an asking price of $21,990,000.

Mister Pritzker, now in his early 50s, in case you don't know and would like to, has a net worth in excess of $2.5 billion, according to the folks at Forbes, and currently toils as a muckety-muck at the Pritzker Group, a private investment firm, according to the company's website, that represents Pritzker family interests.

The Chicago-based, sick rich and (often eponymously) philanthropic Pritzker family are the benefactors of, among other things, the exceedingly prestigious Pritzker Architeture Prize, awarded each year to a single living architect who exhibits extraordinary and rare talent, innovation and vision. Past winners include Luis Barragán (Mexico), Oscar Neimeyer (Brazil), Tadao Ando (Japan), Zaha Hadid (Iraqi-born, London-based) and Thom Mayne (United States). The 2012 prize went to China's Hangzhou-based Wang Shu.

Like many sprawling and enormously wealthy families, the almost publicity-eschewing and almost under the radar Pritzker family has a few times, over the years and probably much to their dismay, been a hotly discussed subject in upscale gossip glossies and at high-society gatherings due to their sometimes ugly internal struggle over control and distribution the family's vast fortune, estimated to be somewhere close to $20 billion.

Your Mama simply hasn't the time to fill the children in on all the gory details so, if interested, we send y'all to a depressing but juicy 2003 article in Vanity Fair that parses the circumstances surrounding a (now-settled) $6 billion lawsuit brought by Liesel Pritzker, a.ka. former child movie actress (A Little Princess, Air Force One) turned stage player Liesel Matthews. Young Miss Pritzker, then just 20 years old and a student at New York University, scandalously claimed her then septuagenarian new recently deceased father Robert Pritzker and a parade of Pritzker cousins secretly looted the fat-fat-fat trust funds of her and her brother Matthew. The 2005 settlement terms were not disclosed but most online reports state they received $280,000,000 in cash apiece—paid in equal shares by 11 Pritzker heirs and heiresses—plus more control over their individual trusts worth a combined $340,000,000. Miss Pritzker, now in her late 20s and to her credit, is a very young woman of serious and substantial financial means who follows in the family's philanthropic footsteps and occasionally coughs up the big bucks for various causes such as an organization that promotes microfinance services in Africa.

Anyhoodles poodles, getting back to the real estate matter at hand...

A couple of quick and rudimentary calculations on Your Mama's bejeweled abacus reveals the Pritzker pad's current price tag of $21,990,000 is more than twice what Mister and Missus P. paid for the place back in August 2001 when, as per Blockshopper, they shelled out $9,500,000 for the 1.24 acre estate conveniently (if not ideally) located directly across the street from the elite Harvard Westlake School where tuition exceeds $30,000 per year.

Listing information does not specify the size of the Pritzker's multi-story Mediterranean-style pile but the L.A. Tax Man shows house was originally built in 1938—it was "restored in 2012," as per listing information—and measures 12,289 square feet. The interior living areas may or may not actually be larger than that.

A gated, cypress-lined drive sweeps around a tennis court with viewing pavilion up to a tree-shaded motor court with front-facing garage capable of holding up to five cars, according to listing information. A long, double flight of stairs that for some reason we can fathom remind Your Mama of Rome's Spanish Steps even though they don't really resemble said steps climb to the somewhat humble front door painted the same shade of tur-qwahze as the garage doors.

There are no interior pictures available online that we know of...yet, but listing information does indicate the swanky canyon-, city- and ocean-view abode has a 2-story foyer, "elegant" formal living and dining rooms and a "handcrafted" library, whatever that means.

Bedrooms and bathrooms number 10 and 11 respectively, according to current listing information, and include "many" guest and family bedrooms, "multiple staff quarters," and a "magnificent master suite" that encompasses a sitting room with fireplace, private office, his and her bathrooms and closets, and a sauna.

An expansive subterranean level includes a media room, children's play room—Mister and Missus Pritzker have half a dozen children to house and entertain—a wine cellar for the oenophiles, a bar for the boozers, staff quarters and, yes butter beans, a gift wrapping room.

The back of the house opens to a deep entertainment loggia with at least five archways that join the shaded space to the sunny terrace that runs along the back of the residence and partially around the swimming pool and spa. At the spa end of the pool there's a built-in barbecue center/outdoor kitchen with easy access to the kitchen and service areas. The terrace wraps around the end of the pool and stretches towards the rear of the property where there's a dining/lounging ramada with canyon, city, and ocean views.

During construction of their new residence, a dirt path zig-zagged down the hillside behind the old house and then slowly ascended to the building site of the new mega-mansion,  pictured below from a recent mouth-watering and jaw-dropping article in The Wall Street Journal about how a certain ilk of immoderate means still, like their lavish-living, Gilded Age robber baron real estate predecessors, cotton to immodestly-scaled mega-mansions equipped with necessities such as a dozen or more bathrooms, dance studios and yoga rooms, ice cream and beauty parlors, indoor tennis courts and climbing walls, underground tunnels, gift wrapping rooms and intensely fortified panic chambers, art galleries, massage rooms and pedicure stations.

The bulk of the Pritzker's palace has been reported to measure 49,300 square feet with additional detached structures—one a recreation room and another a guest house—that bring the total to a titanic 53,000 square feet. The boxy and behemoth residence stands two stories on top of two subterranean floors reported to include a game room, bowling alley, bar and media library. The contemporary crib also has, according to online reports, a fitness center with changing rooms, his and her offices, an arts and crafts room for the kiddies and—natch—a hairdressing station because when you're super rich like the Pritzker's you don't mind paying a little extra not to have to sit in an upscale barber shop or hoity-toity hair salon with the merely rich hoi polloi.

The gargantuan but somehow still green-minded mega-mansion is equipped with all sorts of eco-friendly technology that reportedly includes "geothermal cooling, and state-of-the-art energy-efficient lighting and climate control" and, in addition to a massive sky-light, an array of roof-mounted panels that generate a "hefty 72 kilowatts of solar power."

The house opens inward to a plaza-sized central courtyard and outward to deep, shaded terraces and sunny patios that step down to a wide, tree-dotted lawn that spreads like unnaturally green butter around three sides of the ginormous residence. At the front of the house there are several parking areas and a pair of ramps that descend into the subterranean parking structure. There's a tennis court area set well below and out of site of the motor court and at the back the green grass gives way to a boomerang-shaped terrace and dark-bottom swimming pool spa.

We're not sure if they socialize together but Mister and Missus Pritzker's new mega-mansion is close enough to the west coast pied-a-terre of embattled media tycoon Rupert Murdoch that they can easily send a staff person by car between houses to borrow cups of sugar.

Shortly after Mister Pritzker bought the Bel Air house now for sale, he took in $5,488,054 for a 7,000 square foot oceanfront mansion with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in Santa Monica (CA) bought in July 1991 for $2,650,000. A cursory spin through property records indicates Mister and Missus Pritzker also maintain a substantial spread with multiple structures on more than 7 mountain top acres in Topanga, CA, above Malibu

listing photos: Jim Miller Residential Realty
aerial photo: Mark Holtzman for The Wall Street Journal